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Sonnet Echo 20 Thunderbolt 4 SuperDock - Black

by Sonnet
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Universal Thunderbolt 4 Dock with Three Thunderbolt 4 Ports, M.2 SSD Slot, HDMI 2.1 Port, 2.5Gb Ethernet Port, Eight 10Gbps Ports, and More!
More connections than you expect from a Thunderbolt™ dock – NVMe SSD storage capability, an HDMI port, ultra-fast 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet support, and more! With this superdock, a single cable connects your computer to your digital world. The Sonnet Echo™ 20 Thunderbolt 4 SuperDock is your universal docking station for today and tomorrow. Compatible with Apple M series Macs; Thunderbolt™ 3 Intel Macs; Thunderbolt 3 and 4 Windows computers; Thunderbolt 4/USB4 Chromebook; and M series iPad Pro.

Key Features
  • One cable peripheral connection
  • Twenty interfaces
  • Three Thunderbolt 4 ports (two Thunderbolt ports for peripherals and one for host computer)
  • M.2 NVMe SSD slot – add up to 8TB of storage inside (SSD sold separately)
  • Four powerful 10Gbps USB Type-C charging ports
  • Four powerful 10Gbps USB Type A ports
  • Built-in HDMI port
  • RJ45 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 3.5mm stereo headset jack (on the front panel)
  • Separate left/right channel RCA line out jacks (on the back panel)
  • 3.5mm microphone jack (on the back panel)
  • Fast SD 4.0 card slot
  • Includes Thunderbolt 4 cable and ThunderLok 4 Thunderbolt connector retainer clip to prevent accidental cable disconnections
  • Kensington Lock ready
  • Supports 4K, 5K, 6K, and 8K @60Hz displays (for latest compatibility details, see Displays Compatibility PDF)
  • Charge your laptop – provides up to 100W Power Delivery
  • Compatible with Apple M series Macs; Thunderbolt 3 Intel Macs; Thunderbolt 3 and 4 Windows computers; Thunderbolt 4/USB4 Chromebook; and M series iPad Pro
  • 2-year product warranty
  • Designed In the USA

Plug In Your Peripherals and Power Your Computer with One Cable
Connect your Thunderbolt devices, monitor(s), USB peripherals, powered speakers, and Ethernet cable to the dock and then link them all to your computer with a single Thunderbolt cable. Got a laptop computer? You can keep its power adapter in your bag because Echo 20 Thunderbolt 4 SuperDock will power it with up to 100W of charging power. When it is time to leave, just unplug the Thunderbolt cable, grab your computer, and go.

Internal SSD Expansion Slot – Add Up to 8TB of NVMe SSD Storage
The built-in M.2 NVMe SSD slot enables you to add up to 8TB of SSD storage (SSD sold separately) to your system without connecting a storage device to the Echo dock or the computer.

SSD installation is an easy task – simply remove the two screws securing a bottom panel cover, insert the SSD, and reinstall and secure the bottom cover. Transfer and access data at up to 800 MB/s, and effortlessly store large files, media libraries, or your Time Machine® backups.

SSD sold separately

Onboard HDMI Display Support – No HDMI Adapter Required
Echo 20 Thunderbolt 4 SuperDock features a built-in HDMI port, enabling you to plug in an HDMI display directly to the dock.

Faster Ethernet Transfers Across Existing Cabling – 250% the Speed of Gigabit Ethernet
Featuring 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, Echo 20 Thunderbolt 4 SuperDock supports a 2.5 Gb/s link speed over common Cat 5e (or better) cabling when used with a compatible Ethernet switch or NAS with 2.5Gb Ethernet support, saving you the cost of another adapter. You can get great performance gains – 250 percent the speed of Gigabit Ethernet – without rewiring! Need to connect to a switch without 2.5Gb Ethernet support? The Sonnet dock also supports 1Gb/s and 100Mb/s link speeds.

Dual Downstream Thunderbolt Ports – Simple Comprehensive Connectivity for Work and Play
Echo 20 Thunderbolt 4 SuperDock features three Thunderbolt 4 ports: one for connection/power to your computer – ideal for Mac and Windows laptop computers with only one or two Thunderbolt ports because you can connect and charge on the same port – plus two for directly connecting Thunderbolt peripheral devices.
The Thunderbolt peripheral ports also support USB4 and USB 3 peripherals, and even provide 15W power each to support the most demanding bus-powered Thunderbolt and USB peripherals. If your computer supports it, you can even connect another display.

Powerful 10Gbps USB-A and USB-C Ports
Echo 20 SuperDock features four USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps) Type A ports and four USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C ports – two each on the front and back – to support super-fast USB NVMe SSDs at up to full speed. And unlike some other docks,  Echo 20 doesn’t skimp on power either – each port provides up to 7.5W to ensure that drives with higher peak power requirements can mount and operate without fail. An added benefit for the USB-C ports is they support the Type-C Charging spec, enabling the dock to charge devices even when the computer is off, sleeping, or disconnected.

Thunderbolt Certified for Mac, Windows, Chromebook, and iPad Pro
Echo 20 Thunderbolt 4 SuperDock is certified for use with Apple M series Macs; Thunderbolt 3 Intel Macs; Thunderbolt 4 or USB4 Windows computers; Thunderbolt 3 Windows computers with an Intel 8th Gen (2018) or newer CPU; Thunderbolt 4/USB4 Chromebook; and M series iPad Pro. See Tech Specs for current computer and OS compatibility information.

Single 8K or Dual 6K 60Hz Displays
Depending on your computer’s video capability and whether you’ve connected a monitor to the built-in HDMI port, the Echo dock’s Thunderbolt ports can support one (always 4K, 5K or 6K, up to 8K) monitor, or up to two 6K monitors; see Tech Specs. You can plug in Thunderbolt 3 or 4, or USB-C monitors directly. Or, you may connect other display types (HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.) by using a Thunderbolt-compatible adapter (sold separately).

Charge On and Leave the Charger In Your Backpack – 100W Charging Power Delivery
Connected to your laptop computer with the included Thunderbolt 4 cable, Echo 20 Thunderbolt 4 SuperDock provides up to 100W of power (Power Delivery) from its rear-mounted Computer/Charging port, meaning it can power and charge your computer while connected, even when not in use, allowing you to leave your computer’s power adapter packed away.

Dedicated RCA Audio Outputs
Echo 20 Thunderbolt 4 SuperDock features stereo RCA connections. RCA outputs provide consistent line-level audio, connecting your sweet music library to your pair of powered speakers. RCA outputs are also ideal for direct connection to a receiver, power amplifier, or mixer.

Media Reader – Fast UHS-II SD 4.0 Card Reader
The included SD card slot is compatible with SD™, SDHC™, and SDXC™ memory cards, and supports 320 MB/s read speeds with UHS-II SDXC cards to quickly offload images and video. microSD cards are also supported when used with adapters commonly included with the cards.

Security – Thunderbolt 4 Cable and ThunderLok 4 Included. Kensington Lock Ready.
Thunderbolt 4 Cable and ThunderLok 4 – Sonnet includes a Thunderbolt cable and security clip with the Echo 20 SuperDock. The Thunderbolt cable supports Thunderbolt’s full 40Gbps bandwidth and 100W power charging capability. ThunderLok™ 4 Thunderbolt connector retainer clip prevents accidental cable disconnections by sliding easily over one end of the cable and securing directly to the dock with a thumbscrew. Because of its unique design, ThunderLok remains on the cable, so it won’t get lost when not in use.

Kensington Lock Ready – Lock your dock and keep it secure. With up to 8TB of valuable data inside, you may want to secure the Echo dock with a Kensington® Lock (sold separately).