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Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

by Dyson
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The Dyson V8 cordless vacuum is engineered for powerful, versatile, low-noise cleaning. 

The Motorbar cleaner head deep cleans carpets, removes dust and debris from hard floors, and automatically de-tangles hair. Perfectly balanced for everyday quick cleaning - with two cleaning modes for the right suction power when you need it. The Fluffy cleaner head is gentle on hard floors. Engineered for homes with pets.

Powerful suction

The Dyson digital motor V8 provides powerful whole-home cleaning. With up to 40 minutes of fade-free suction.

Engineered for homes with pets
Dyson's latest de-tangling technology removes stubborn hair from all around your home.

De-tangles hair automatically
Sucks up pet hair fast. Polycarbonate hair removal vanes on the Motorbar cleaner head automatically clear wrapped hair from the brush bar as you clean.

Sucks up long hair and pet hair fast
The Hair screw tool's de-tangling conical brush bar removes hair from pet beds, car seats and stairs.

Low noise
Engineered for low noise. Streamlined airways and open-cell foam direct airflow around the motor to reduce noise. Fluted funnel and baffle block sound. Acoustic felt and closed-cell foam absorb vibrations.

Whole machine advanced filtration
Pet dander is a source of indoor air pollution. Dyson's fully-sealed system captures dust and seals in 99.99% of microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns - smaller than pet dander.

Deep cleans your whole home
Engineered to pick up dirt, dust and hair from hard floors and carpets. Quickly transforms to a handheld vacuum - for all around your home and car.

The right power where you need it
Easily switch between two power modes as you clean.

Easily reaches up high
Lightweight and ergonomic to clean high-up places with one smooth motion.

Transforms to a handheld
Small enough for hard-to-reach places around your home. Powerful and long-lasting enough to clean your whole car too.

Hair screw tool
De-tangling conical brush bar removes hair from pet beds, car seats and stairs. Fast.

No-touch bin emptying
Hygienic ejection mechanism drives out dirt and dust in one action - so you don't need to touch it.

Neatly stores and charges
Always handy on the wall-mounted charging dock, your Dyson V8 vacuum is easy to store - and ready to go when you need it.

Includes two motorised cleaner heads
The Fluffy cleaner head (hard floors) & The Motorbar (carpets)

Combination tool
Two tools in one, for simple switching between surfaces.

Crevice tool
Designed for precise cleaning around edges and narrow gaps.

Mini motorised tool
Motorised brush bar tackles hair and ground-in dirt, in tight spaces.
Reach Under Tool: Bends to comfortably reach down low. Engineered to clean further under low furniture by adjusting the wand angle up to 90 .

How to use V8
Do not use without the clear bin and filters in place.
Fine dirt such as plaster dust or flour should only be vacuumed in very small amounts.
Do not use the machine to pick up sharp hard objects, small toys, pins, paper clips, etc. They may damage the machine.
When vacuuming, certain carpets may generate small static charges in the clear bin or wand. These are harmless and are not associated with the central electricity supply. To minimize any effect from this, do not put your hand or insert any object into the clear bin unless you have first emptied it. Clean the clear bin with a damp cloth only.
Use extra care when cleaning on stairs.
Do not rest the machine on chairs, tables, etc.
Do not press down on the nozzle with excessive force when using the machine as this may cause damage.
Do not leave the cleaner head in one place on delicate floors.
On waxed floors the movement of the cleaner head may create an uneven luster. If this happens, wipe with a damp cloth, polish the area with wax, and wait for it to dry.

What's In The Box
1 x Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
1 x Soft Roller cleaner head
1 x Direct-drive cleaner head
1 x Combination tool
1 x Crevice tool
1 x Mini motorised tool
1 x Reach Under Tool
1 x Docking Station
1 x Charger